Girl Scouts Offer ‘Locavore’ Badges

Once upon a time long, long ago, I was a girl scout.  Truth be told,  I was a very enthusiastic girl scout–except for the selling cookie part which I never could stand–who had badges down and up both sides of my sash.  My mother would have said this was just me being an overachiever, but I like to think I was also interested in mastering some of the things you had to learn to earn each of the badges.

So I was excited to see that scouts can now earn “Locavore” badges, which I definitely would have been all over had they been offered in my day.

So, how does a scout earn a locavore badge? Here’s are the guidelines:

  • Explore the benefits and challenges of going local
  • Find your local food sources.
  • Cook a simple dish showcasing local ingredients.
  • Make a recipe with local ingredients.
  • Try a local cooking challenge
How awesome is that?  I don’t suppose that if I write the Scouts and ask them, they will send me a badge—even though I’ve done all those things and also write this blog.  I wonder if I know anyone with daughters who are scouts who’d like to earn a locavore badge.  I’m available to help!

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