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55 Congress Members Ask FDA to Label Genetically Engineered Foods

It’s so rare to find a story about multiple members of Congress “doing the right thing,”  it seems particularly newsworthy.  The fact that it involves requesting the FDA to begin labeling  GMOs is even more so.  If it only were 450 members, rather than just 55!

 “On Monday. March 12, 45 U.S. representatives and 10 U.S. senators signed a letter to Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg in support of a legal petition that asks the FDA to require labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods.

The petition, filed by nonprofit Center for Food Safety and supported by more than 400 health and consumer organizations and businesses, argues that consumers require more complete labeling in order to make informed decisions. Since October 2011, members of the public have submitted more than 850,000 comments in support of the petition.

Genetically engineered foods are foods made from organisms — mainly plants — that have had their genes modified to exhibit specific desired traits, such as tomatoes modified to delay ripening or corn with built-in resistances to herbicides and insects. Such foods have been sold on the market since 1996.”

via 55 Congress Members Ask FDA to Label Genetically Engineered Foods.


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