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How to Eat Locally: Mid-Winter

Finding it hard to eat locally (or even regionally) during the wet , grey Portland Winter?  Here are some tips from Chris Musser of the Lost Arts Kitchen:

Eating locally, sustainably and seasonally can often seem daunting, especially in winter. By January, having eaten through all the Hubbard squash and home-canned tomatoes in storage, you’re kind of tired of potatoes, and you inexplicably find yourself craving bell peppers and cucumbers—both months out of season.

Want to know the local secrets to fighting mid-winter’s food doldrums? With a little planning and some new skills, all the flavors of the Portland area foodshed can be yours—for a lot less money than you’d think. With the generous help of Lost Arts Kitchen, here’s our guide to jumping the hunger gap this season, one delicious bite at a time.

via How to Eat Locally: Mid-Winter | Neighborhood Notes.


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